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UI Updates and Community Info

Apr 06, 2022

New updates has been added to the UI, and also work towards profile, and community features are underway. Please check regularly.

Telegram bot added

Mar 05, 2022

Now you can see the number of telegram followers for each coin's telegram channel. The number will always update.

List a crypto token

Mar 05, 2022

Now you can add a crypto token from your profile page. In order to be able to add a crypto token to our website, you should have a profile with us and verify your email.

Our Twitter Bot

Feb 23, 2022

Our community is growing, and we added our alert bot connected to our official Twitter @allpresale
The bot will for now give updates on crypto.

Dark mode

Feb 08, 2022

We are happy to announce the dark mode for our community. Users can now check our website with less brightness specially looks great at night time.

Searching feature added

Feb 02, 2022

Now you can search cryptocurrencies from the home page of The crypto tokens can be searched either by name, symbol, or token address.

Crypto news added to the platform

Jan 31, 2022 added crypto news updates section on the main page. And it will help our users to find the latest news and they can vote to like or dislike the news. Stay updated with Allpresale. Also these news section will be added to the Mobile app.

SMS Alert Service

Dec 22, 2021 Started SMS alert services for US/Canadian Numbers, and each user will have 3 days of free service from creating the account and verifying.

Our new iOS App and Android App is coming

Dec 10, 2021 will release their new iOS and Android App. It will make it easier to explore what is going on in the crypto presale market.

SMS Notifications Services

Dec 01, 2021 will release the pancakeswap alert service. The service subscribers will get some important links to research and get information on time. Visit for more info

Tools Our Team is working on

Nov 12, 2021

Our team is working on the tools to enable you to be informed before everybody else. Information is the key to success in the market. Visit our website for more:

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