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Betcoin is not only crypto’s first sports betting fund but the first publicly owned sports betting fund. Until Betcoin, the gambling industry treated sports betting like an individual activity. But with rapid globalization causing change across all industries, there is no reason why a community based model can’t be applied to sports betting as well. Although sports betting funds do exist to date, they require large minimum investments and long lock up periods. These funds are also quite exclusive and only grant access to people apart of elite social circles. Betcoin has no minimum investment, no lock up period, and is accessible to anyone! 50% of the profits from the betting fund are distributed back to token holders via buybacks of the token, effectively raising its price. The other 50% of the betting fund profits are re-invested back into the fund. Fees on selling the token are also used to continuously grow the betting fund. The utility of this project is clear: access to a community of sport’s bettors and crypto enthusiasts from around the world. Our Telegram chatroom is always filled with fun sports talk and gambling talk and given that everyone apart of Betcoin is routing for the same teams, everyone cheers together! Betcoin has entered into an official partnership agreement with, the world’s largest sports handicapping conglomerate. The handicappers (professional sports bettors) are solely running Becoin’s betting fund and provide the Betcoin community with expert level analysis prior to any bets being placed.


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