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House of Frenchies

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Liquidity $7,412
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Our goal is to have fun! We are starting out with a meme token. Our team has much bigger ambitions though. A NFT collection will be incorporated in to this project. Free to earn and giveaways will be made possible. This project was started because we got tired of rug pulls, scams, and poor teams being a steward of the financial future. It was time to take crypto into our own hands. The House of Frenchies was born! DAO – Our users are at the heart of the House of Frenchie. On chain governance and voting will be implemented for decision making. A governance council will be formed of the top holders. Team – Over 20 years of leading IT, Finance, and Global Energy projects. We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies. A PhD is one of the key contributors of the project. We have been in the crypto space since 2017.


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