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Golddoge Sachs

Buy tax: 25%Sell tax: 27.9%
Liquidity $13
Token address:
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Golddoge Sachs ($GDS) is the first first token that is your broker. With Golddoge Sachs, we're creating a leveraged index that lets you invest in an exclusive selection of the best assets, diversified like equity funds - only with crypto! Golddoge Sachs ($GDS) is thus the first crypto ETF created and operating directly on the blockchain of the binance smart chain. This makes it the first token that can be used to invest in 14 coins at the same time by buying one token, taking advantage of a hyperdeflationary system, because with each yield distribution, GDS tokens are burned, thinning the supply more and more. The effect of the GDS chart here acts as a leverage effect, the increase through GDS amplifies the market profits made through the 14 coins and is also further boosted by people selling GDS leaving their share behind for holders. Thus, the return from investing in the market with GDS is higher than individual investments in the market. To build the portfolio, 9% Tax is levied, of which 6% goes into the portfolio and the remaining 3% ensures marketing and further development. Accordingly, the portfolio tax is invested in BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, ADA, UNI, XRP, AVAX, SOL, TRX, DOGE, DOT, LTC and LINK weighted by market capitalization, performance, trend and stability. The funds are invested according to the DCA principle and their profits are distributed to the holders on a monthly basis. The holders then decide for themselves whether they want to hold the profits and thus have the ETF like an accumulating ETF or whether they want to have the profits distributed directly. The tokens received in the profit distribution (buyback from GDS) are burned by the project. The project is backed by an audit, a SAFU contract (no malicious features according to Pinksale), KYC and a variety of features that protect holders such as anti swing trade design, max trans and max wallet rules.


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