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Home page

When you open the page its organized so you can see important staff first.

Sections: CoinGecko Tracker

In this section, you will see which coins are newly listed on CoinGecko, and it will be updated automatically by our system each minute.

Sections: New On PancakeSwap

In this section, you will see which coins are newly listed on Pancakeswap, and those are the cryptos that the community is currently receiving emails about when they are listed. You can also vote to like or dislike them.


You can type a crypto name, symbol or contract address.

Sections: News

You will see the news in this section so you can vote on it.

Wallet Tracker Tool

You can click on the BSC Wallet Tracker Button on the home page. Using this tool, you can see each crypto asset you own and how much they are worth.

Once you load a wallet address, you will see the following page, and you can play see details.

Your Profile Page and Menu

The main menu will change when you sign in to your account. You can go to your profile page or log out from the menu when needed.

List a new crypto

If you are the owner of a crypto, you will be able to list your cryptocurrency on our platform. Click on List new crypto from your home page or profile page. Once you submit all the information, our team will validate the information and it will be listed if approved for listing. Your email should be verified before listing new crypto.

Follow our Social Medias

If you want to be updated, you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our system constantly automatically posts information about new crypto listings.

Email Alerts

If you are an active member of, you will receive alerts on newly listed cryptos on PancakeSwap.

Chat with Support

You can always feel free to chat with support If you had any questions, suggestions, or problems with our website.

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