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Kiradoge coin (KIRADOGE)

5.00 USDT

Created 7 months ago
Liquidity: $38,139
Buy Tax 12%
Sell Tax 35%
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KIRADOGE is a revolutionary token based on Binance smartchain(BSC) which utilizes passive income and lottery to maximize your earnings for both now & the future. How does it work? - Simply let your soul hold $KIRADOGE tokens and get rewarded up to 8% BNB as reward. - The algorithm will run the lottery and select 15 lucky winners. The winners will be chosen on a random draw based on the tokens they hold in a logarithmic algorithm live every Friday on video chat. Lottery system? - Weekly lottery drawing KIRADoge lottery is with a strong use case specifically targeting the gambling industry. aiming for any long-term believers and holders to give them a chance to be eligible for the weekly lottery and win. With our unique lottery system, the core part of $KIRADOGE is that the chances of winning are relative to how many tokens investors hold, which means that all holders are incentivized to buy more tokens in the long term if they wish to increase their chances. The more the holder (soul) holds, the higher the % of winning the daily lottery. - How the chances of winning are calculated Chances of winning will be calculated in indirect proportion to how many tokens each holder has. This means that having more tokens does increase your chances of winning, but not in a linear fashion. Instead, a logarithmic function will be used to convert the proportion of holdings that each investor has, and calculate their chances of winning accordingly. This will lower the discrepancy in the probability of winning between a whale and a small investor while keeping our largest investors at an advantage. - Lottery drawing dapp The lottery platform will be visible in an interface, where all contract holders are visible with their wallet IDs and the number of tokens they hold. Holders (souls) can connect wallets and check the probability of winning against the rest of the holders (souls).


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